Outdoor Environmental Program: Teva

Nature is an important emphasis at our school. We have two full-time nature teachers on staff who teach daily half-hour classes to all children beginning in the one-year-old class. Children work in our large vegetable garden growing, weeding, harvesting and cooking our seasonable vegetables. They also pick fruit from our citrus orchard, fruit trees, and berry bushes. They care for our bunnies and chickens. The children feed them as well as gather the chicken’s eggs daily. The children also raise butterflies, ladybugs and other insects. Each class also have class pets ranging from fish to birds to hamsters and gerbils. In addition to our gardening classes, we have a bat house, nature trails, and a fitness trail. Classes learn about science, including wind energy, solar energy, force of motion and weather. Our goal is to teach children at a young age how important the earth is to all of us. We believe each of us has a responsibility to take care of the earth and all the creatures on it.

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